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Holiday Homes Rental Act Valencia

23 / Jan

Last year, the Valencia State Government issued new regulations that further tighten the rules for holiday rentals under the Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Act of 7 June 2018. In this article, we walk you through the most notable changes that landlords must comply with before 8 May 2022.

The Regulations and the Act regulate, among other things:

  • Only accommodation that is under the jurisdiction of the Directorate General of Tourism (which means holiday rentals, not long-term rentals).
  • Prices applicable to this type of rental and other services (Chapter V).
  • Cancellation of reservations, cases of overbooking, cancellations and invoicing (Articles 13, 15, 16 and 17).
  • Explicit prohibition of tourist room rental (art. 47).
  • Procedure and rules for registration in the register, which shall be established ex officio (art. 25).


For all those owners who want to rent out their property to holidaymakers, the time seems right to take a course.


Owners who already have a rental licence, or at least are entered in the register, will have to adapt the rental property or comply with the new requirements before 8 May 2022. Owners who wish to rent out a property since the regulations came into force must comply with them immediately, including:

  • They must declare their compliance with the UNWTO Global Code of Ethics for Tourism;
  • They must ensure that the property is accessible to people with disabilities;
  • The cadastral reference of the property must be communicated to the authorities;
  • The property must meet the technical requirements of this regulation;
  • Any adjustment or change in the service must be communicated to the government, including the start of activity, termination, or the use of intermediaries;
  • The publicity made for the property must always mention the registration number, and the portals that provide advertisements are jointly and severally liable for the mention of this number;
  • The owner must have a liability insurance that covers damage to the health or injury of the tenants and provides financial security;
  • The owners must have a statement from the municipality that the property is suitable for holiday rental;
  • A placard determined by the government must be visibly fixed at the entrance of the property;
  • Prices for rental and additional services must be clearly visible and easy to find;
  • With the exception of other agreements, the rent is only due at the start of the rental period;
  • The property must be maintained in ‘perfect’ condition, clean and equipped with all utilities and other facilities;
  • The property must have a first aid kit and information about local pharmacies and hospitals;
  • There must be a fire prevention plan and extinguishing system;
  • There must be complaint forms available;
  • There shall be information about local banks and tourist attractions;
  • The house must have heating in all rooms;
  • The living room should be at least 2 m2 per person with a mínimum of 14 m2;
  • Kitchen, bathroom(s) and toilets must have ventilation;
  • The house must be well insulated against noise;

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Roeland van Passel