What is it and to which cases does it apply?

The military permit to buy houses in murcia

19 / Jun

In Murcia, as in several other places within the Spanish territory, we can find an important military base. The most famous base is that of the Patrulla Águila, the military air base that has its own airport. However, the existence of this military base causes, in certain cases, some difficulty when buying a home in Murcia.

What is the military permit?

The military permit is an administrative permit to acquire a home in Murcia. It is regulated by a 1975 law that has been modified over the years. The permit establishes that, in the entire specific area, in this case the Murcia area, there cannot be more than 15% of property owners who are non-European foreigners, whether natural or legal persons. It applies to both rural and urban dwellings.

Be aware that after the Brexit, this includes the British nationals as well!

To control the percentage of non-European owners, the government requires non-European buyers to apply for a military permit. Only in case of obtaining said permit, the house can be acquired. The law obliges notaries and registrars to review the need for and existence of said permit before authorizing the transfer and register it in the corresponding registries.

Applicable area

The area to which the military permit applies runs from Punta Negra to Cabo Cervera and passes inland through San Miguel de Salinas, Los Baños, Los Arcos, Fuente Alamo and Mazarrón, among others. Here below we show you a map with the approximate area of the military permit.

Selena Escandell