What can you do and what not?


08 / Jul

Pets, in particular dogs and cats, are often considered to be family members. It goes without saying that owners want their pets to live with them when they rent a house, but landlords often don’t share the same enthusiasm. Pet owners sometimes have trouble finding a rental home where the pets are allowed.

The law does not regulate pet ownership in rental properties, so the contract between parties is leading.

The landlord can include in the contract the prohibition of having pets in the home. If this is not the case, it is assumed that the tenant is allowed to keep pets in the house, as long as he meets the legal requirements of vaccination, registration, identification chip, etc. and does not disturb the neighbors.

If the pets cause damage to the home or noise issues to the neighbors, the landlord can terminate the lease and request the tenant to leave the home. More specifically, the law includes unpleasant, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal activities. Keeping pets when the contract prohibits it is also a reason to terminate the contract.

The contract may include clauses related to compensation for damages caused by the pets, but there is no legal requirement to include them. According to subsidiary civil liability, the owner is responsible for damage and costs and will have to compensate the landlord or the association of owners of the building where the house is rented.

Either way, if you plan to take one or more pets into your home, please contact the owner in advance to avoid later issues, even though the contract does not prohibit ownership.

Selena Escandell Beutick