For owners that have not rented out their property

Annual Tax Return non Residents 2020

10 / Sep

It is that time of the year that we invite you to do your Income Tax Return 2020 (IRNR – Impuesto de Renta No Residente) also known as Non Resident Tax, if you are not renting your Property (if you do rent you will need to declare the 3rd quarter before 10 October).

This year we have created a cheaper option for you to declare your tax by using a small tool we made

The fee for doing your tax return with this tool and before the deadline as set out below is only 49,50 € plus VAT per person.

It’s easy. You only need to fill out the information that is requested and the tool will automatically calculate your tax liability and prepare the right information so we can file it with the Tax authorities. The tax will be direct debited from your Spanish bank account in December 2021.

If you do not have a Spanish bank account, don’t worry. You can use our escrow account for a small additional charge of 25 € plus VAT per transaction.

Old way still available
If you are not interested in filling out the excel tool, and you wish for us to do the tax return in the same way as previous years, don’t worry. We will submit it for you with a direct debit from your Spanish bank account at still a good rate of 99,00 € plus VAT per person.

The deadline for filing and paying the tax is December 31, but to ensure your discount and the correct procurement of your tax return, we need all correct information and payment before November 15. Past this deadline we will do our best to procure your tax return, but there will be a surcharge of 50,00 € plus VAT per person.

You can download the excel tool, fill it out and send it to us with a proof of transfer to irnr @ You can download instructions here.